And it is from the roots of its grounds, from its farmers who have almost stealthily cultivated these traditions over the years, that Ciato accompanies visitors on a cultural and oenogastronomic itinerary of the Valparma area..... and it is here that a new form of tourism has originated: from Ciato, with its strategic position for visits to historical areas, only a few kilometres from Torrechiara Castle, from the Fondazione Magnani Rocca and from the Benedicine Abbey where the humble and silent farmers, those men who still preserve a visceral passion for their lands and communities and for their cultural traditions, still work. This farm is characterised by the passion and the tenacity with which the owners have “taken over” the natural and cultural treasures of the valley, and their ability in communicating this passion to their guests, revealing all the territory’s features through an ideal route, “from the fields to the table”

from "Mythos" , bilingual magazine, n°1 Dec 2001